Permanent Holiday Lighting in Irvine, CA

Bring the magic of lighting all year round to Irvine, CA

Celebration Holiday Studio offers a comprehensive Permanent Holiday Lighting solution in Irvine, CA to transform your home or business into a beacon of festive cheer year-round. Specializing in permanent holiday lighting, holiday lighting, and landscape illumination, Celebration brings creativity, expertise, and innovation to brighten up any space.

Permanent Holiday Roof Line

Permanent Lighting Track

Five color options include white, black, brown, gray and sand. UV coated PVC material.

Pebbles – 4-wire DoubleDATA

RGB+2 Pebble, 12-bit, 2-LED light strings feature a double data line (so one bad pixel will not compromise the rest of the string) and an extra insulated wire for permanent installs. Mount inside a track or use Pebble clips. Molded clips and magnetized Pebbles are other Pebble light options.

Gen3 Wi-Fi Effects Controller

Control color & animations of various RGB+light strings and fixtures via a dedicated access point, or connect WEC+3 to a larger more robust network. Schedule daily, weekly or hourly scenes with various color pallets on holidays and special occasions throughout the year. Schedule a warm white on all other days. Perfect for residential, or small-to-medium sized commercial installations.

Everlastrings Expandable
Light String

Why limit the joy and celebration decorative light strings add to the atmosphere to just a few months? Protect your trees and your budget by using the most rugged string on the market that carries a 2-year warranty.

Wrapped tree trunks and branches are a seasonless, core design element that is time-consuming to install and too beautiful to take down after one season. The longevity of our patented Everlastrings allows professionals to allocate future budgets to adding more magic rather than replacing strings that are designed for seasonal use only or have snapped due to tree expansion.

These strings are tree-huggers – literally. Not only do they flex as they are wrapped eliminating slippage and the need for staples, but their patented expandable design also prevents damage to the trees.

Installers love the beefed-up wires and LEDs allowing the installation of 9000 points of light from one power source. The sealed twist-lock connectors and extensive infrastructure make installation a cinch.

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